Gas Tax

Robert supports repealing the recent Gas Tax that has been enacted into law.  This should have been a ballot measure presented to the voters.

Single-Payer Healthcare

Robert does not support the Single-Payer Healthcare bill currently in the State Assembly.  California workers could see as much as a 250% increase in Insurance Premiums as a result of this bill.

Surveillance of Citizens

Robert does not support the recent bill passed allowing San Jose and San Francisco cities to put up surveillance camera's to monitor traffic.

Civil Rights

Robert supports protections of citizens, and their rights to privacy on their property.

Marijuana Reform

Robert supports legalization of Marijuana, and supports rolling back regulations around its use (currently sellers are required to conform to over 40 pages of rules).

Occupational Licensing

Robert supports rolling back rules requiring special schooling and licensing for employment (E.g. Requiring hours of schooling, and special fees just to blow dry hair).

Rights of Cities

Robert does not support efforts by California State Legislators to force cities to change their housing policies. I oppose the recent proposed bill requiring cities to build housing near BART stations, before they build elsewhere in their city.